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Elisa's passport roller coaster

Upon getting to the airport at LAX, Elisa realised she'd forgotten the passports at the hotel. Going all the way back would mean missing their flight. A call to her insurer's 24 hour helpline solved the problem.

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Real life stories about insurance

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Case study: Mr and Mrs Smith part 2 - rebuilding a home after a fire

After finding out they were underinsured, Perth couple Mike and Jeanette Smith set out to rebuild their home destroyed in a fire.

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Case study: Mike and Jeanette Smith

When their house was destroyed in a fire, Mike and Jeanette lost practically everything. They also discovered they were heavily underinsured.

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The importance of travel insurance: Kate's story

A travel insurer stepped in to help Sydney woman Kate during a medical emergency in Rio

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Case study: Lori Whitelaw

Retired Melbourne teacher Lori realised she was underinsured when her home burnt down a few weeks after it sold at auction - feb 2013

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Case study: Tamara Mactier

Tamara was uninsured when she wrote off her first new car in an accident in rural Victoria and was left with $30,000 debt

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Case study: Richard Hurst

Richard Hurst's insurance cover enabled him to rebuild his house, destroyed in the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires

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Case study: the Yabsley Family

This Queensland family was quickly back on the road after a car accident caused thousands of dollars damage - september 2012

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Case study: Steve Bowler

Thieves robbed NSW country community worker Steve’s home when he was taking his son to hospital

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Case study: Justin Brenan

Justin, a veteran Melbourne yachtsman, is back on the water after bad weather during a race caused $50,000 damage November 2011

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Case study: NACYS Child Care Centre

An Adelaide community centre is back in action after an arson attack caused $1 million damage - october 2013

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Case study: Peter Monds

Peter's home burnt to the ground when a bushfire swept through Glenmaggie

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Case study: Lachlan Fraser

Victorian GP Lachlan has rebuilt his life after his home and clinic were wiped out in the Black Saturday bushfires

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Jeff's beloved yacht struck by Cyclone Debbie

A good outcome for Jeff and his sports yacht Marbella after Cyclone Debbie wrought havoc across Hamilton Island Marina. Watch his story here.

Consumer Stories

Real life stories about insurance

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When the unexpected happens on holiday: Elizabeth's story

Ms Martignago was fortunate to have had the right travel insurance when her husband fell ill in Thailand.

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Rockpool Bar & Grill

Chef Neil Perry talks about the benefits of insurance after a fire damaged his restaurant Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney

What the experts say

Experts in insurance

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Dallas Booth

Dallas Booth, CEO of the National Insurance Brokers Association discusses the role of insurance brokers


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